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Advertising / Sponsoring . . .

     Sponsors, Contest or Monetary Donations must be applied for and approved by the administrators of G-Body.Org. To apply or inquire about a donation please Contact the G-Body.Org administrators.

Paid Advertising FAQ:

     We do not accept advertising from or for any website which contains any type of pornography or any hate, bigotry or other stupidity. We reserve the right not to accept ads from or for anyone or anything we, in our sole judgement, feel to be inappropriate for the G-Body.Org web site.

Q. What do Hits, Page Views (Impressions), and User Sessions really mean?

A "hit" is nothing more than an action taken by a web site's server. On your home page, if you have 5 navigation buttons, 4 photos and a main banner, each time someone visits your homepage, your server records 10 separate actions. Hits are meaningless when trying to determine how effective advertising might be.

A "User Session" is the actual number of people who visited the site during the time period. They may have looked at one page, or 100 pages on the site. "User Session" is a better way of determining ad effectiveness, but not the best.

"Page Views", or "Impressions" indicate the number of times an HTML document, or webpage, was viewed. It is the best indicator of ad effectiveness because it tells you how many times your ad will be seen. As you probably know, it is repeated Impressions which make ads work. That is why companies large and small run the same ad over and over. They know you have to see it five or ten times for the message to "sink in."

Q. Do you accept animated banner ads?

A. Yes, however, we reserve the right to approve all banner's design and content. Both animated and non-animated banners must be no larger than 15K.

The goal of web advertising is not to annoy readers but to get them to click on your ad and go to your website. Please keep that in mind when designing a banner.

Q. How are ads displayed on this site?

A. Banners are displayed on a rotating basis. That is, if there are six banners currently in the rotation, each will be displayed once for every six pages called by website visitors. If our current average is 9000 page views per day, each banner would be seen 1500 times per day. Your ad remains in the rotation until it has been displayed the number of times you've chosen. There is no time limit. This assures you of getting all the impressions you've paid for, even during "slow" times.

Q. What size ads can I place on your site?

A. We accept 468 x 60, 234 x 60 and 100 x 100 pixel sized banners for placement at the top (just below our top navigation bar) and/or bottom (bellow our footer navigation) on which ever specific pages of our web pages you specify.

- Banner sizes accepted: Graphics:

- Graphics should be correctly sized in .GIF, .JPG or .SWF (Flash) format. If simple resizing is required, there will be an additional charge of $10.00 per graphic. Flash banners, if coded with Action Script must only provide an absolute link to your site.

- Use unique file names, such as: yourcompanyname_1.gif


- Please Contact us for customized pricing for your needs. span>

- Policies and rates are subject to change without notice.

Advertising Exchange:

     We will reduce our Pricing to you by 50% if you place our 234 x 60, 18KB Flash Banner on your web site's main page. This banner provides an absolute link directly to G-Body.Org's main page.

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