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Audio Overview

     Although the sound of your exhaust might provide hours of endless audible pleasure, a quality stereo system can make the "cruising" a lot more enjoyable. A well designed stereo system can complement all the hard work put into the rest of your ride.

     The stock speaker replacements consist of 3.5" elements in the dash, 4"x10" in the rear deck and 5.25" in the doors if you have the concert sound option. Adapters for the rear deck speakers are available for installing 6"x9" speakers in place of the 4"x10" speakers from most car audio vendors. Most stock location speaker replacements can provide a great "sounding" stereo. However, if you want the ultimate in audio accuracy and reproduction there are numerous means to get awesome sound from your already awesome G-Body.

     There are basically two genres of car audio, "dB" and "SQ". The "dB" genre encapsulates stereo systems designed to produce the highest SPL (Sound Pressure Level, measured in decibels (dB)) with no particular consideration for sonic clarity or imaging. Examples of a "dB" car would be a Monte Carlo with several subwoofers fiberglassed into the trunk or rear seat area. These systems usually require a very heavy duty power system (multiple alternators, upgraded battery or multiple batteries). The downside is that all these elements, amps and components add a lot of weight to the car.

     The "SQ" genre encapsulates systems designed to reproduce the media content in as accurate a way sonically and spatially as the media allows. The "SQ" system can use less components than a "dB" system, but there are no said limitations.

     The best way to figure out which system style to go with is to attend either a sound-competition event or check out some of the demo vehicles or customer cars at your local high-end car audio shops. Also, take into consideration the purpose of the car (daily driver, race car, show car, etc...) and what kind of music you typically listen to.

Spohn Performance G-Body Parts

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