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      Here you'll find great Tips and Tricks submitted by our viewers that cover the whole family of G-bodies.

      Your original stock fluid reservoirs are probably looking very stained and discolored by now. How about making them look different or look like they are not there at all?

Stuff You'll Need:

  1. Old reservoirs
  2. Rubbing alcohol, 95%+ isopropyl
  3. 600 grit sand paper
  4. Enamel plastic spray paint
  5. Degreaser: Simple Green or 409-Pro

  1. Remove reservoirs from vehicle
  2. Clean all debris and deposits from inside and outside of reservoirs with degreaser
  3. Wipe down reservoirs with terry towel dampened with rubbing alcohol
  4. Wait 5 seconds (flash) before spraying thin coats of spray paint
  5. Let each coat fully dry
  6. Apply 2-3 thin coats
  7. Optional: Mask off a stripe on either reservoir to view fluid levels and/or paint the raised letters with model paint
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